Construction Phase is typically the backbone of construction industry.

Professional engineers at Construction site before strategic planning implementation.

The construction phase is typically the backbone of the construction industry and by large comprises mainly landscaping, strategic planning, refurbishing, site clearance and dismantlement.

our services
  • 1 Tower cranes
  • 2 Formwork
  • 3 Bulk materials
  • 4 Cement
  • 5 Sand
  • 6 Steel
  • 7 Aggregate
  • 8 Rod cutting/Bending Machinest
  • 9 Laser screed levelling for slabs
  • 10 MEP
  • 11 Bricks
  • 12 Plastering
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However, the services offered by DR4 in this stage don’t remain restricted to the above. It also offers fine quality and a wide range of construction equipment as indexed below:

Tower cranes

Tower cranes serve as essential construction equipment in recent times. To keep pace with the never-ending demands of the industry, DR4 offers a broad range of Tower Cranes in various dimensions and specifications. .


DR4 offers quite a few varieties of cost-effective and innovative formworks that meet the needs and demands of its many clients. They are as follows:

  • Steel Formwork
  • Aluminum Formwork
  • Wooden Formwork
Bulk materials

Cement, steel and sand are essential components of the construction world. DR4 renders assistance with the timely procurement of these items, ensuring good quality, too.


DR4 supplies various categories of cement to meet the varied needs of its customers. The varieties are listed below:

  • OPC 53
  • OPC 43
  • OPC 33
  • PPC
  • GGBS cement (slag cement)
  • White cement

Sand is a significantly important construction material. Specific types of sand are used for specific purposes in the field of construction. DR4 is a trusted supplier of various types of quality construction sand. The categories that it supplies are:

  • River Sand
  • Fine Sand
  • Robo Sand (M- Sand)
  • Coarse Sand

DR4 strives hard to provide maximum satisfaction to its clients by offering the best quality steel as per the precise needs of its client. Below mentioned are the key varieties that we offer:

  • TMT
  • Round Bar
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Structural Steel

Construction aggregates shape the underpinnings of cities. DR4 is a leading producer of construction aggregate primarily Coarse Aggregate and Fine Aggregate.

Rod cutting/Bending Machines

Another significant equipment which has widespread use in the procurement phase is the Rod cutting/Bending Machine. DR4 offers a complete range of ‘rod cutting and ‘rod bending’ machines. .

Laser screed levelling for slabs

This is a new age technique which has started dominating the ‘world of construction, a few years back. DR4 has adopted this extraordinary technology for concrete floor slabs, thus setting new standards in the regional construction industry.


In the construction world, MEP engineering forms the crux of planning and designing. DR4 offers specialized MEP services and ensures that all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are seamlessly integrated, from the very beginning.


A brick serves as the backbone of the construction industry. DR4 provides a wide variety of ‘brick supply’ taking into consideration the different needs of its clients. The varieties are:

  • Regular Red Bricks
  • Fly ash Bricks
  • AAC Blocks
  • CLC Blocks

Plastering is deemed as yet another significant component in the construction space. DR4 renders its plastering services with sheer professionalism so that it remains a hassle-free, quality and profitable experience for our customers. We have categorizations in our plastering services:

  • Smooth Plastering
  • Textured Plastering
  • Waterproof Plastering
  • Sand faced Plastering
  • Expose aggregate plastering
  • Punning

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